Starting Heartfelt In Your Area

We often get enquiries from people in different areas and countries about starting Heartfelt in their community.

We have lots of experience starting in new areas and have created a brief outline for what is involved if you would like to start Heartfelt in your area. 

The first step
Start the conversation with Heartfelt about starting in your area (

We will ask you to find, have and do
Find 5 committed members with the skill and heart for this work who apply and are approved
Choose who will be the area representative 
Have lots of patience, (the service needs to start slowly)
Research the local laws for public liability insurance, volunteer insurance, police checks for volunteers etc
Find details of toll free number services for your country
Organize local catchups with the members to build community
Read the member's area material, learn the workflow and watch the tutorials
Choose one hospital you would like to support first
Find out the social worker/pastoral care contacts
Over 6 months, work on building the relationship and building the reputation of integrity, respect, privacy & grace.
Build relationships with 2nd hospital through the social workers/pastoral care workers
Maintain a ratio of 5 photographers per hospital when starting

What we will do
Print, package and delivery sessions from our lab in Adelaide, Australia for the first year
Setup emails and local website address (diverted to main site)
Provide local DL flyers 
Provide Heartfelt ID badges and lanyards
Provide presentation material for Hospital information sessions
Setup the member communication/notification structures

What to be mindful of
Burnout, being super active then losing motivation because of lack of acceptance, progress etc
Potential members thinking they can use their association with Heartfelt as leverage for their businesses (which is against policy)
Getting in contact with hospitals before the membership is strong enough to support the requests
It always takes time and there may sometimes be initial resistance from hospitals

Good luck and thank you for wanting to make a difference.

The Heartfelt Team

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