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 giving the gift of photographic memories

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What our families say

"WOW! Thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts for these incredible photos.  We love them all and are absolutely blown away.  We just sat here together and watched the slideshow over and over and over again and cried together. 

We are so sincerely appreciative and happy that you have been able to capture James and create life long memories for us.  One of my fears was that I would forget what he would look like and now this will never happen.  James will always be in our hearts and our family and now we have some amazing photos to treasure and remember him through.

Thank you Kate, we are forever grateful and will always cherish what you have done for us."

A phone call one of our members recently had with a mother;

C: Are you Matt, the Heartfelt photographer?

M: Yes I am.

C. You came and photographed my daughter after she'd passed away.

M: It was my pleasure to do that for you.

C: I just wanted to tell you that if our house ever burned to the ground, the only thing I'd want to save is the photos you made that day.

M: [After a very long pause in which I tried desperately to think of something to say] Thank you, that's why I do it.

"Not a day goes by when I don't thank God for you, as I walk past the photo of Michael and I holding Anton on our wall. It's almost a year since we lost him, time has gone so fast. Thank you again for the beautiful photos you took for us, Katrina."

"We had photos taken of baby who was born at 25 weeks & 6 days and we will always cherish this beautiful gift. We never dreamt that this service would be free. Having these photos of him is helping us grieve the loss of our beautiful boy and we can't thank you enough."

"The good work of your organisation has touched our hearts. Our son was born last July with an extremely rare sickness. He was in intensive care for 14 days until his death on 22 July. During this time, our social worker connected us with Heartfelt Photographer, Fiona Lumsdaine. The time spent with Fiona was a healing balm to my sorrow and the pictures she took will be our most valuable treasure. Thank you Fiona and thank you to Heartfelt! More power to your organisation and to the volunteer photographers."

"I am writing to say thank you very much for the photo package I received it was such a surprise, I was not expecting such a beautiful package ... I really could not thankyou enough I lost Aaron 1 year ago and now I can finally look at his pictures, they are so beautiful I just started crying when I saw them, mixed emotions, sad to have lost such a beautiful little boy and happy that the pictures look more like he sleeping ... thank you Heartfelt I will never forget what you did for me and what you are doing for many other families."

"You gave us so much more than photographs.... we will never forget the kindness showed. We appreciate what you did for us SO much, we will be forever grateful."    

“The photos you sent are just beautiful. I cried as I viewed them because you depicted perfectly the beauty I see in my family everyday. No one has ever captured Bella's internal strength and innocence quite like you did.”

"On 22 May you came to Flinders Medical Centre to photograph my twins - Lachlan who had passed away and my daughter Mia who was critically ill in the NICU. You were like an angel coming in to see us at our darkest hour. The way you captured Mia and Lachlan in the photos you took was truly beautiful. These are photos that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Your pictures enabled our family and friends, many of whom weren't able to see the twins, to meet them and to have lasting memories of them. Thank you for the kind, caring way in which you spoke to our babies and to us and the respect you showed our family. Your kindness and care will never be forgotten - thank you."

"I am from Victoria and had a beautiful daughter 15 weeks early at The Canberra Hospital in October 1998. All I had with me were the clothes I was wearing and no camera. One of the nurses arranged for your organisation to come in to the NICU and took some amazing pictures of Kate about a week after she was born. After all the battles we fought it brought us so much comfort to have those pictures of Kate. I just wanted to thank you so much for the most treasured gift you gave us. The Smith Family XXX."          

"In August this year our daughter was born with a genetic disorder and we were told she was not going to live we were luck enough to take her home when she ws 1 week and 1 day old. One of the midwifes from the hospital made a call to Heartfelt and a few days latter Jillian came to our home and gave us a precious gift of photos of Amelia we will always treasure them they mean so much to us."

“It is difficult to describe the devastation of having your newborn whisked away from you and remaining for weeks in the special care and NICU nurseries.  Your service provided us with a collection of beautiful photographs that provided us with precious memories that focused on more than machines and tubes. We are truly thankful for this gift we received combined with the professionalism of the photographer at a hugely stressful time of our lives."

"Beautiful precious moments with our babies, you capture forever - a gift to a stranger in their darkest moments. That IS HEARTFELT! When our baby was stillborn, I feared I would in time forget her. I wanted to hang on to every moment and absorb every detail of her soft skin, beautiful face, ten perfect fingers, ten perfect toes, her huge feet and hands, and how tall and gorgeous she was. In October this year, late one Friday night, the Heartfelt photographer drove two hours in the rain to donate his time and talents in order to photograph our precious stillborn baby girl - capturing memories that we will cherish forever. I just wanted to send you an email to let you know how grateful we are for what you did for us. I would never have imagined exactly how much comfort these photos would bring to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"Gavin Blue thankfully came into my life through our wonderful Case Manager from Care Connect.  Even having lost a child previously and not having been nearly as involved in his care after his death as I'd later have wished, in the midst of my new grief it did not even occur to me to take photographs of my beautiful second son, Louis, "post mortem".  Within hours Gavin had arrived at Very Special Kids house and with quiet sensitivity set the scene for some of the most beautiful photographs I've seen.  The results are exceptional in their beauty and meaning.  They are powerful, evocative and profoundly personal photographs but have been universally admired by those I've shared them with.  One shot in particular is framed on my windowsill and continues to bring me tears of sadness, joy and overwhelming pride in equal measure.  I haven't been able to really express my gratitude enough."

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