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Retouching photos 

If you have images taken by yourself or the hospital, we have retouchers who can work with your image to create a beautiful memory. The process takes some time, but please feel free to contact our retouching manager.

Ideally choose two or three of your favourite images you would like us to work with. Preferably they will be the original format of the image taken (no filters or other treatments) and in a JPEG format (this means that they'll have JPG on the end of their file name). When sending them please send at the largest size (highest resolution) possible.

Please tell us what you're hoping we can help with: skin repair, reducing blotchiness or redness, removal of distracting tubes or other medical equipment, enhanced lighting. 

Please provide us with the following details: your full name, your baby's name, your postal address, phone number and email address.

Images that are provided to us in colour will generally be retouched in colour and also provided as a black and white conversion.

We provide images to you in a private, password protected on-line gallery. For families in Australia and New Zealand we also provide a set of prints (up to 20 maximum) and a USB containing a copy of the digital files. 

This service is free.

Retouching Manager
Vivian Hayles

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