FAQ for potential Heartfelt members.

Q: “I have young children so I’m not sure if I can drop everything to cover a session   request”.

A: Heartfelt sessions are often urgent and but many requests have longer lead timesAll we ask is that you is that you be an active and occasionally consider the possibility of juggling your commitments around to look after a Heartfelt family. 

Q:  “I’m worried I won’t be able to do many sessions so I won’t be of much help”.

A:  All we ask is that our members commit to being available for at least 10 sessions a year. The few times you are able to say ‘yes’ to a session may be the time when no one else is available to cover. It might be you that spares a grieving family from missing out on precious photos of their baby.

Q: “I’m concerned I won’t be able to control my emotions during a session”.

A:  Each session is different. Some sessions can actually be quite lovely as many families smile during sessions and admire their baby while you capture the only family photos they will have. Most families are extremely grateful to our photographers and are so touched that a stranger is willing to come to them in their time of grief to provide them with such a precious gift.  Obviously many are very sad and shedding a tear is fine, as long as your emotions do not intrude upon the family’s grief.

Q: “What if I get upset after a session?”

A: Heartfelt has an amazing team of photographers who are always willing to talk and give advice. We have private Facebook groups where members can debrief, share images and ask for advice on editing, processing or any other concerns you have. Heartfelt also provide a free counselling service for members who feel they need to talk to a professional.

Q: “I’m worried about doing my first session and seeing a stillborn baby”.

A:  We always try to make sure our members go on sessions with experienced members before they cover their first solo session. That way, if you find a session a bit confronting you can quietly leave the room unnoticed. Members can go on as many as they need until they feel prepared to go on their own. There are always experienced members to help you along the way. 

Q: “Will it cost me anything?”

A: Heartfelt can reimburses members for expenses for parking and fuel can be claimed if a  significant distance is travelled to look after a family. The printing, usb’s and delivery provided to families are all covered by Heartfelt.

Q: “Why do I need to pay $50 membership to volunteer?”

A:  The $50 fee serves three purposes, firstly, each session costs about $65 to deliver to the membership fee contributes to the cost of sessions, Heartfelt covers the public liability insurance of members while on sessions which is expensive and thirdly, the fee goes along way to ensure to help maintain a committed membership.  Each AGM we put it to the members and the overwhelming vote is to keep the membership fee.The membership fee is waived the after a member looks after 6 families in a year.

Q: “Can I volunteer even though I’m not a professional photographer?”           

A: Yes. Most of our members are professional photographers but we also have some highly skilled members with a great eye who aren't working photographers. We are always after members with the skill and heart for this work ask that our members have the equipment and the confidence to work in a vast range of lighting conditions. Heartfelt is also a learning organisation and occasionally hold lighting and information evenings for members to brush up on their skills. Heartfelt have a large pool of skilled photographers who are always willing to share helpful tips and information to other members.

Heartfelt Potential Member Brochure

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